Monday, April 14, 2014

The last day of camp by Kyra.

On the last day on Year 5 camp it was hard to get ready to go back hame. We had to clean the toilets and the P.E stuff. After we did that we went to the river hole. It took like 2 hours and we were there. We were all hot. Some people were jumping off the bench. So we stayed there for 1 hour and we had to go. When we got back the bus arrived. Everyone was sad and miserable.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

At camp Wareham by Tyler

When we went to camp I thought this was going to be fun but it wasn't.
When we first arrived we had to grab our bags and put them beside the fence and ran up the hill. When we had climbed up the hill we sat on the seats and we had numbers. My number was 13.
Next it was time to see where we were going to sleep. I went in the tent.
Then we went to the river.  Burrrrrrrrrr it was cold! Mrs Henare said that the big stick looks like a alligator  and we all went on it.
 "Who wants to go on the tubes?!"
" Me me!" everybody said. I was last.
Tthen we all went back to camp and had free time. I climbed the hill in the patch and when I completed it I called it ROCK CLIMBING. Then we went to the rock pools and sand dunes. It felt like it lasted forever climbing up the sand dunes but it lasted for 2 minutes. I ran down the hill then we went back to camp. "Mmmmm, stew!" I said. I ate all of it up,  then pudding. Apple crumble and ice cream and I had three bowls of it!

Thursday, April 10, 2014

What I thought of Year 5 camp, by Caitlin.

When I went to camp Wareham I thought it was going to be disgusting. I will show you what I mean. I thought that the toilets were going to be long drop and I hate long drops and the walks were going to be so long, but luckily that did not happen.
On the first day we went for a short as walk and when we got there  my legs were normal. I did not feel any pain because it was right across the road. The next walk was to the beach and that took an hour and when we got there I could not take another step. On the way back Mrs Henare gave as all a biscuit, but this time it was even more tiring then it was on the way there.
Anahera, Angelina and I were the last ones back to the camp site. When we got back we went in our cabins to rest our legs. After we had a played we had dinner. We had stew with mashed potato and I was the first one to finish and heres the funny bit - I had 3 plates and I also had 1 bowl of apple crumble with vanilla ice cream.
After that I was full. I could not eat anymore. When it was dark we went eeling. We all went into two groups. The group I was in saw 2 eels but we only caught one. When we got back we had supper -  milo and cookies. The people in my cabin played cards. We played a game of snap and fishy fishy. Then we had to go to bed and everybody had a great day.


Sunday, April 6, 2014

Year 6 camp

We're back! What an awesome week we had. Many thanks to the parents who came and helped. I hope we all slept well in the weekend!

Monday, March 17, 2014

Optimist Yachting by Michelle.

Salt water all over my body flows all around me, drips coldly tears of the ocean into the yacht.

The boom swings from side to side, almost hitting us in the face. Seagulls bossy and loud.

The awful, yuck fish smell combined with sweet, aroma air catch my nose.

Tangy salt water goes down my throat for no reason.

Getting closer to shore now and we are the last ones coming in.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Optimist yachting by Piper

On Monday 10th year 6's went optimist yachting.
 The water was very cold.Michelle and I nearly capsized. It wasn't that windy that day
so it was hard to sail.

YACHTING by Summer

 I sit on the side of the boat, very excited as can be, as the wind is blowing in my hair,and I can smell a very salty smell coming from the ocean.

As we go out into the ocean, I feel the boat going really fast and the water constantly goes into my shoes.