Thursday, July 3, 2014

School Disco

Yesterday  we had a school disco. It was organised by a committee of some of the kids who went on the Leadership Conference last month.
They raised money for sports equipment, and everyone had lots of fun. Here are some photos....

Science experiment. by Piper

Magic water

Firstly   Mrs McLean got two clean stramboli jars the same size.
She filled one up with cold water, and the other jar with hot water.

Secondly   she put two drops of orange dye in the hot water so the two will look different.
Next she put a piece of cardboard on top of the cold water.
Then she tipped the jar over and put it on top of the other jar
so the hot water is on the bottom and the cold on the top.

Penultimately  the hot water started to swap places with the cold water
so they were now the same colour as the hot.

Finally  the hot water and the cold had mixed.
This experiment shows us that the hot water molecules mix much better than cold water molecules.
also the hot water rises because hot water is lighter than cold water.
By Piper

Hot and Cold water

We filled two test tubes with water - one with cold and one with hot.
We added dye to them both and this is what we noticed:
In the cold water the dye stayed together and gradually dropped to the bottom, as you can see on the right.
In the hot water the dye mixed through quickly and evenly without being stirred.
This was because the particles in the hot water were moving around by themselves, but the cold water didn't move around.

Science-A lot of air. Michelle Arama

Room 13 is learning about science and here is one of the experiments that we did:
 Get a balloon and an empty narrow-necked soda bottle and a container or pot, and put boiling water in it right out of the jug.
Stretch the balloon over the neck of the bottle so there is no holes or gaps between the bottle and balloon, then place the bottle in the pot or container of hot water.
Then suddenly you will see that the balloon begins to inflate. This is because the hot air expanded and took over the cold air because hot air takes up more space than cold air. The hot air rises because hot is less dense than cold, and cold is heavier than hot.
And this experiment is seen in the world because of hot air baloons. They have fire to heat it and make it go up.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Current Study.....

WOW! Science!
Watch this space for reports of our science experiments. Lots of wondrous and amazing discoveries about our world, have been taking place in room 13 in the last couple of weeks.


This coming week (June 23-25) we have 3-way conferences. This is a great time for your child to show you some work and share his/her successes with you. We can review goals set earlier in the year, and reset goals for the next few months. I hope all parents are able to come along. 

Monday, April 14, 2014

The last day of camp by Kyra.

On the last day on Year 5 camp it was hard to get ready to go back hame. We had to clean the toilets and the P.E stuff. After we did that we went to the river hole. It took like 2 hours and we were there. We were all hot. Some people were jumping off the bench. So we stayed there for 1 hour and we had to go. When we got back the bus arrived. Everyone was sad and miserable.