Wednesday, September 17, 2014


Recently we had the Porritt Digi Dazzler competition, where children enter work in the categories of digital photos, graphic design or animation.
Here are some of the room 13 entries in the photograph category:

This one of Hannah's went through to the finals.

 Here are some entries in the graphic design section:

And here are our entries into the animation category:


The Long-Awaited, World-Famous in Tamatea, PORRITT SCHOOL ART EXHIBITION opened on Monday and is available for viewing for a limited time. If you haven't seen your children's AMAZING art-work in this wonderful display of exceptional talent, hurry, hurry, hurry along to the school hall to see it.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Geometry Wizards

At our assembly last week we shared some fantastic tutorial powerpoints that we had made about geometry.


This term we are working towards an art exhibition. Currently we are looking at the French artist Henri Rousseau, and basing our own artworks on his jungle paintings. Below is one process we have used. Next week we will use a different medium to create artworks with a very New Zealand flavour, but still based on Rousseau's works.

Using the laptop to see Rousseau's jungle paintings, we "zoomed in" and did a sketch.

"Zooming in" even more, we created a chalk and pastel picture using our own colour palettes.....

We covered it with Indian ink and then washed it off again. The ink soaked into the chalk lines between the pastel, giving a lovely black background, and an interesting texture over the whole picture.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

New Furniture

Today we were able to try out a new table which we may be buying as part of the refurbishment later in the year. What a novelty! These children are flat out doing maths problems this morning, and school hasn't even started yet!

Wednesday, August 13, 2014


Yesterday the Nukes came to play a concert at our school - what a wonderful show! The kids were spellbound and totally involved. Some of the class were involved in a workshop with the band too, and we learned some new chords and played one of the songs in the concert with the Nukes. Lucky!!
The Nukes are going to be at the Cabana tomorrow night (Friday) to launch their new album.
You will see in the photo that "Country Boy Ben" plays a tenor ukulele, Dave Parker plays a ukulele with a bass string on it, and Snapper plays a banjolele. Very cool! Everyone got their ukuleles autographed after the concert.

The concert

"Country Boy Ben" tutoring the group at the workshop

Ben giving some tips and techniques

Tuesday, August 12, 2014


This week the Porritt Kapahaka groups (senior and junior) performed at the Team Tamatea festival, and they were awesome!! Congratulations to everyone who took part. Below are a couple of photos of the performance, and the Room 13 students who were involved.